The Pandemic Preneur

The Pandemic Preneur

A time to reflect

February 2022 and slightly later than the traditional January new beginnings . . . but we find ourselves ready to start the next venture, determined to lead, share, innovate and explore.

Over the last 10 years we’ve been shaping and growing a Global SaaS Product and in that time we’ve experienced and learnt so much that it now feels like the perfect time to share this with others; others who are about to embark on similar journeys themselves.

‘Digital Creative’ launches as a new Strategic Consultancy specialising in Branding and User Experiences with a sharp focus on Alignment, Position & Acceleration.

This embodies all of our expertise, insights and experience, dedicated to channel solutions and strategies to aspiring Entrepreneurs and Brands alike.

Whilst the SaaS Product still continues to fly it’s time for me to turn our attentions to something new.

We’ll be exploring the trials and tribulations of a modern day business owner as well as share some of our learnings, but this post is about the rise of the British Entrepreneur in a fast-changing world . . .

There is no denial that the last 2 years have been volatile, uncontrollable, and yet in retrospect very, very interesting to have witnessed. Never before has there been such a force on the population that has shifted the core habits, ambitions, routines, values of all… you would hope this is a once in a lifetime experience; no one has been through this before, meaning the playing field is wide open. Speed, agility, adaptability is the key, and whilst each market is still settling, they’re settling in different ways, with new needs, with new aspirations…

In the first 6 months of 2021 there were 80 new businesses registered per hour. Over 340,000 were registered in the UK alone.

These statistics present both a good and, say, more challenging outcome… that depends entirely on your position and perspective.

It’s great news in that there are people out there who became inspired, wanted change, saw opportunity, rose to the occasion… Even though there was uncertainty there were ways to adapt and make a difference. I openly admire anyone who took on the challenge to start on their own. It’s a big deal.

It’s not so great news for those larger companies, with many moving parts, large overheads, and poor internal change management however. In times like these the cracks certainly do start to show.

One thing’s for sure, when running your own gig, you need to be aligned, single-minded and determined. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride; good days, bad days, but all positive experiences none the less. Continuous Improvement is the key. Deliver a milestone, assess, improve, focus on the next. There is no easy street when you’re on your own and the buck stops with you. There are so many uncontrollables in the world that can impact your winning streak, like the pandemic, like the financial crash in 2007. When global events take place you need to take stock, reassess, realign, redesign what you do and how you do it… Globalisation has made the world a smaller place in many industries across many sectors and so there needs to be wide-eyed thinking as well as strategies in order to pivot and engage.

The acceleration in new business also presents other market challenges, greater competition, better products, newer innovations, and these changes are permanent, not short lived in the slightest. eCommerce for instance boomed during the Pandemic. Supply chains went direct to consumer, disrupting the usual supermarket ritual, local stores became click and collect outlets, high streets served from their windows… A multitude of change that uncovered opportunity and big opportunities at that. Speed to market was everything.

Regardless of where you’re at in your business evolution, there is always a need for change, and change is best executed when it is Creative. Creative transformation is a critical kick-starter of any new commercial strategy or campaign; entering a new market, disrupting an old market, looking to land-grab, delineation of a product, educating the consumer, inspiring the team; Creativity is the base of all engagement and so best to do it well, by those who have done it, who can consult, converse, challenge and create!

Digital Creative exists to serve and support the 99.9% of total UK private sector businesses (figures as at the start of 2021).


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