24yrs of Creative Direction

Creativity is in everything we say and do. We’re proud to continuously push forwards; thinking, learning, evolving, succeeding. It’s in our DNA to be switched on and perform.

We’re experienced professionals and have the work to prove it.

From Corporate to Consumer

Where there was once a divide, there is now cohesion amongst corporates and consumers. Behaviours, rituals, habits and trends come together in one mass; one mass of noise. Breaking through the noise is now top of everyone’s agenda.

Commercial, yet conversational

We love a good conversation. In fact, we love a good commercial conversation. Ideas, plans, growth and success are born from conversations.

Our Mission

To deliver highly creative solutions that overcome today’s strategic, commercial and technological challenges.

Our Values

  • We ask 'Why?'
  • Commercial Return
  • Create to Innovate
  • Collaborate to Succeed
  • Encourage a different way of thinking
“Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.”

Marty Neumeier

A message from . . .

Hey there! I’m Simon and I’m the founder of Digital Creative. I’ve spent over 20yrs in Design, working extensively across industries, sectors and geographies. I’ve owned several businesses myself, as well as being part of a team and in these days of hybrid working would love to be an extension to yours.

I’m a hands-on Creative Director, meaning that I work on and oversee every design and project phase that passes through our hands. As a team we are small, but we’re highly experienced, so can deliver performance and insight right when it is needed.

We believe that every brand and digital experience we create needs to be special and we aim to build the right framework around your brand that delights and excites, connects and resonates – building difference as well as recognition.

We’re here to help discover and understand, create and solve your business design challenges. Let’s get the conversation started.

Simon Haynes

Founder & Creative Director