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Based in Henley on Thames, we work with aspiring brands, businesses and individuals, who look to re-imagine and re-engineer the way they work as well as the way they engage.

We like being ‘Creative’, it’s commonly misunderstood, but we feel it is the most appropriate way to make an impact, enabling teams to engage with peers as well as customers, partners and investors alike.

Whether you’re looking to start, pivot, grow or consolidate, the importance of creativity is fundamental in communicating your purpose, value and proposition.

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Digital Creative Simon Haynes

Simon Haynes - Founder & Director

Creativity is Key...

Take a step back, look from the outside in, and you will see that every working commercial aspect of a business needs creativity; and this needs to fuel aspiration, inspiration, progression and evolution. The ultimate goal of course being success, profit and sustained growth. Now more than ever, businesses need to adapt to fast changing markets.

It’s not all bad though; the shift in markets has fast-tracked and influenced changes in both b2b and b2c arenas, shaping new habits, preferences as well as buying rituals, meaning there are now huge gaps of opportunity available, so it’s down to the businesses that are able to, to adapt, to stand out and to take advantage of the evolving conditions.

Digital Creative is here to help those who wish to be agile as well as adaptive; we’re here to support those who want to change, can see an opportunity, want to strive forwards, want to make a difference, want to send a message, but perhaps unsure of what is needed to make it happen. Simon Haynes, who heads Digital Creative has over 20yrs experience working with SME businesses, creating, advising, defining, positioning, designing product as well as process across a variety of commercial landscapes.


Simon’s strengths and insights have all evolved from real life experience, which began when he started his first creative agency, Thought by Design. Working single-handedly at first, building an impressive client base, creating new employment opportunities to grow the team, inspiring new and influencing existing brands was a foundation and platform for what was to come next. Thought by Design was listed within the Top 50 Agencies in the UK, a testament to Simon’s commitment and creativity.

Not only was Thought by Design working directly with brands, but it was also then white-labelled for other agencies as well as service providers adding value through creative direction and delivery.


Simon began a new venture, working in a new partnership. This business being software centric, a digital product, which was seen to be a new creative challenge, which today is considered a market leading operations management tool worldwide. The software has been implemented and is active across a number of impressive brands such as BrewDog, Hilton, Radisson, IHG and Celtic Manor to name just a few. Read more about the project here. This engagement required a different level of involvement which meant Simon was responsible for several areas; Business Analysis, Brand Manager, Chief Product Officer, Chief Technical Officer as well as Chief Strategy Officer.


Simon joined a third joint venture, different industry, different situation; Muddle & Mash – Premium Crafted Cocktail Mixers. Managing the creative process for FMCG is a much more demanding experience but Simon managed to create distinction and cut-through, achieving placement on the shelves in Tesco’s, World Duty Free, Thomson Airlines/TUI.

The industries and sectors that Simon has been involved in span Financial Services, Luxury Goods, Hospitality, Healthcare, FMCG, Events, IT, Leisure, Marketing and PR.

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