In today’s world, businesses need to be able to adapt, be agile and be able to find answers in reaction to unexpected daily events. Events that impact the success of a product or even the success of a business; everyone has learnt from Covid and indeed now the Covid effect which has fast-tracked market transitions and transformations; these causing lasting knock-on effects which are forcing businesses to transform to keep up with the new ‘now’.

The success, or fail, of a transformation on any level or indeed scale, falls to a few assessment areas for consideration;

  • Who is sponsoring the programme internally?
  • Does the broader business understand the need for change and transformation?
  • Is there enough internal support for the programme?
  • Is there an internal communications programme to engage everyone in the change and drive buy-in?
  • How will progress be tracked?
  • Are there champions for change for internal resource to turn to?
  • What materials, on or offline do we need to support the change?
  • What responsibilities will any third parties have in the process, if any?

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“The central problem of brand-building is getting a complex organization to execute a simple idea.”

Marty Neumeier