Both early stages of definition do, in the long run, save time, money, confusion, and sometimes frustration later on in the process, so it is important that each of these stages are understood and signed off before pressing on.

We call this our ‘Distiller’ programme. This is where we ask the ‘Why?’ and condense the findings into a holistic view before drawing and visualising recommendations as well as conclusions.

Some high-level questions that typically get asked:

Who are we to the World?

What makes us different?

How do we want to be different?

What do we want to be known for?

Where are we successful?

Who is our target audience?

What are they looking for?

What do we want them to think about us?

What do we want them to do?

Who do we compete against?

Why do we compete?

Where are they successful?

What makes them different and Unique?

From our findings we then distill: What are the critical priorities?

A brand is a personification of a company and its services and/or products. Like a person it has a name, personality, character and reputation. People connect with brands like they do with people – on a number of different levels. In the same way as we do with people, we form rational and emotional connections with brands, driven from our ‘needs’. Customers will have their ‘needs’ and brands respond to this by telling them what they’ll get by engaging with them.

The psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He believed that universal characters—archetypes—exist all over the world. Although there are many different archetypes, Jung defined twelve primary types that symbolize basic human motivations. Each type has its own set of values, meanings and personality traits.

Defining and embedding the right archetype into your brand DNA will ensure authenticity, truth and trust. Speaking with conviction and listening with empathy will always build closer relationships between brands and their customers. This helps to set the brand tone of voice which will become an intrinsic part of everything you execute – both visually and through the written word.

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“Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter?”

Marty Neumeier