It is imperative for an integrated approach to ensure that the brand is consumed on every level, both consciously and subconsciously. This will achieve a far better recognition and recall capability.

Supporting the direct visual and experiential cues now merges into the indirect world of systems design and integration – to ensure that customer experiences are consistent, omni-channel, and of course memorable and not disappointing. Creativity doesn’t stop in the direct world, mapping and streamlining business processes and system architecture are also outlets for creativity; all with the same objectives and goals; to make business better and more efficient.

Here we outline our classifications index for applications of creativity in today’s world:

  • Identity
    • Hierarchy
    • Brand mark
    • Strapline
    • Colour matrix
    • Image strategy
  • Signage
    • In-store
    • In-office
  • On-Vehicle
  • Offline
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Technical Guides
    • Brand Books
    • Business cards
    • Stationery
    • Pitches and RFQs
    • Presentations
    • Annual Reports
    • Packaging
    • Advertising
    • Promotion
    • Sponsorship
    • PR
    • Partnerships
    • Events
  • Digital
    • Website design - UX/UI
    • Website development
    • CMS
    • CRM
    • Apps
    • ERP
    • eCommerce
    • Advertising
    • Promotion
    • Sponsorship
    • SEO
    • Blogs
    • Content
    • Social Media
    • PR
    • Partnerships
    • Events

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“Creativity is the discipline you use when you don’t know the answers, when you’re traveling to parts unknown. On this type of journey, missteps are actually steps. Every mistake brings you closer to the solution.”

Marty Neumeier