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It started with a conversation . . .

Back to 2011 and I find myself sat in a Central London hotel, discussing a couple of new projects with two clients at the time and the conversation shifted to apps for mobile, IOS or Android. Of course the battle for dominance was in the spotlight back then. I gave my opinions but was more interested in the context of the question in the first place.

Even though we were meeting to discuss completely different projects I was intrigued none the less. Interestingly, two basic ideas came out, both in hospitality, but one geared towards food costing, and one geared towards recruitment. Both had merit, but both had very differing challenges in themselves. Recruitment being a completely saturated market and food costing, well was the idea enough on it’s own.

I left the meeting pondering the potential; a recipe costing app on your phone; selling at such a low cost you’d have to sell millions; How could it work? Did something already exist? What does the market look like? On the recruitment side, as it was such a busy market, how could a new app penetrate such a busy space, what would it need and take from an investment perspective when the likes of LinkedIn was in existence.


Following some months of research and planning, discussion and a lot of thought  and reflection I drafted the first working commercial proposal for a new business, Kitchen CUT.

The proposal outlined the concept as well as tried to answer some of my earlier questions of how everything could work to the point where originating idea was extended to strengthen the overall positioning and viability.

During this part of the process some key operating choices were mapped. The first being that we would look to develop a core web application rather than a native mobile app, and that the revenue mechanism would be subscription based. The ultimate goal to create a new SaaS platform. These fundamentals are still in place today. The vision at this early stage, to create a new online destination for chefs, empowering them with knowledge, ideas, inpsiration as well as supporting them with a suite of usable and accessible tools.


With the strategic plan shaping up and the competitor analysis complete I turned my focus to the technology. 2012 was an exciting time of possibility. The shift from on-premise to cloud was gathering pace and we were  fortunate that software for back of house operations in Hospitality in general, was really under-invested and behind the curve.

So we launched Version 1, a social platform focussing on inclusion, engagement as well as sharing, combining content from industry specialists as well editorial writers we launched regular commentary pieces, reviews of the industry related apps, recruitment positions, all supporting those useful, usable tools. 

At this embrionic point, the tools offered were a mix, some were merely downloads, but usable and useful none the less, and there was the recipe costing tool.

Sample image from V1

Looking back the tool was very basic indeed in comparison to today’s offering but it did the job it was meant to do. Because of it’s ease of use, as well as better accessibility and of course affordability the business took flight winning new sign ups with The Grove, and some others….

The initial take off was positive and steady. We gained traction from it’s unique positioning, offering as well as it’s targetted user base, but little did we know of the journey that was to then unfold.


One side of a business that is rarely approached is that of ideology. It has always been important to me as a business owner to ensure the right environment is created for teams to flourish. As such we had to be on a charge with the product. Evolution and innovation always dominating with the aspiration to be the best in the market. Quick decisions, adaptability and the capability to pivot gave the business an enormous advantage. Taking action was always key and certainly pushed the business forwards into new arenas of opportunity.

2015 saw us launch Version 2 and this was a pivot away from Version 1 to rebalance and focus more on advancing the online system tools to make the product ‘sticky’. There was so much complexity to be assessed and understood we had to invest in making it as easy as possible for the end user.


With momentum behind us, we launched Version 3. Version 2 was purely a stepping stone into a new architecture and code base. Version 3 being the framework which exploded our capability to launch key operational functions, including:

  • Business Framework Design
  • Supplier Management
  • Integrated Supplier Gateway
  • Menu Costing
  • Digital Menus
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Payments Management
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • POS Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Team Messenger
  • Customiseable CMS
  • eCommerce Payments

Stats from the Pandemic...


Restaurant Sales Revenues


Supplier Gateway Purchases


eCommerce Sales Revenues


Menu Items Sold


Item Purchases


eCommerce Orders

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