A challenger brand opportunity in a niche market equates to exciting creative opportunities


Bertha | Professional Charcoal Ovens




Brand Architecture
Brand Build
Website Design
Content Management System
Product Visualisation


Defined targets to sure up Investor Interest

Bertha Ovens came to us already with a product, generating revenues with a modest customer base. They had been operating for several years with marginal growth year on year, but needed a step change and so set themselves several new challenges.

The first being to evolve the brand, positioning and look and feel to be more market ready, astute and evolved in order to compete with the established competition but also to catch the eye of the larger restaurant groups and chains professionals.

The second was to extend the product range, offering customisable features that would stand them apart from the rest. Extending the offering into pop-ups and trailers as well was also in the plan, to truly offer a product like no other.

The third was to differentiate further, not just by product but by launching a Chef Academy, supplying useful content and media both online and in person at numerous events and online demonstrations.

The fourth and final objective was to go one step further and penetrate the direct to consumer market; the targets were bold and brave and we took on the challenge to begin the journey.


⸺ Analysis & Assessment

Our first stage was to assess the existing assets as well as research the industry. The market was niche and the competitors known, so we could quickly establish an assessment of opportunity which we could bring into our train of thought.

We quickly worked up a personality which very much suited the target buyers market; those being quite unorthodox and edgy, we quite quickly found a positioning and approach that would give us voice and cut-through that was so desperately needed.

⸺ Product Visualisation was Key

Once a holistic framework for the brand came together we could then start to work up the most effective channels, campaigns, materials, advertising, and other brand assets required that would then fulfil that extra touch from the brand; not to mention the CGI that was delivered as part of the product range extension.


⸺ Bertha was Born

A complete end-to-end framework was delivered and activated with supporting PR and Marketing activities to kick-off the launch campaigns.

⸺ Market Acceptance

An instant uplift in international trade was seen, being driven by industry partners and distributors; the one to many market.

Operations grew in the UK with many known industry professionals adopting the product including Ross Clarke, Lee Glen, Raymond Fulton Corrie and Mark Blatchford to name just a few.