End-to-end brand re-think for the young start-up; a framework paving the way to global growth


Bremont Chronometers




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Local sought over London

Bremont first came to us on an executional level. They were looking for a local design agency that could take over from their London based incumbents. They wanted an agency they could meet with, ad-hoc, and discuss the challenges they faced as and when they cropped up. We welcomed the opportunity as we love to know our clients, it allows us to be proactive.

At this time we spoke specifically about a printed newsletter that they circulated to their customer base around the world. Naturally, our first question in return was ‘Why a printed newsletter?’. This is one of our favourites questions…

Pantone® 704 C
C0 M90 Y72 K29

Pantone® 5425 C
C30 M4 Y0 K31

Pantone® Black
C0 M0 Y0 K100

Pantone® 7500 C
C0 M2 Y15 K3


⸺ Strategic Planning

Following the digestion and evolution of thought we began to engage on two levels. Short-term executional, leading to and supporting a longer-term strategic programme.

⸺ Steering Transformation

The first step, review and analysis of what exists today. Review all perspectives, practicality, viability, impact, priority; does everything work and is it supporting the business on its commercial path? An external strategic view that helped to steer toward a transformation in operation as well as cut-through.


⸺ Streams of Thought

There were two streams of thought.

Our short-term objectives involved taking control of the website as well as all advertising duties. Print advertising was managed centrally for all global partner outlets. During this time we also implemented Bremont’s first eCommerce platform focussed on driving accessibility to its selection of accessories. We also digitised the newsletter, driving sign-ups and traffic to the website.

Our long-term objective was to re-imagine the brand. The brand framework as well as the story behind it was hidden and ‘locked away’ overpowered by the strong product mix. Given the competitor landscape was so strong in the luxury watch category we needed to find a positioning that suited both the business owners as well as the growing consumer base.

⸺ Finding 'Unique'

What made Bremont unique was it’s story and so this is what was realigned. We needed a balance; a window into the ‘World of Bremont’, it’s history, it’s A-List, it’s sometimes crazy daredevil stunts! We transformed their online presence from brand-only showcase to a more relevant brand/enthusiast destination site which was lifestyle and editorially focussed maintaining viewer interest and encouraged repeat visits. We brought focus to the intricacies of the watch world, mirroring this with the language and tone creating an infused tie between image, tone, message, look and feel, as well as consistency. Implementing their new website also included full integration between, social, email, CRM and eCommerce.

Our engagement with Bremont was during their stage 2 growth and acceleration phase, which lead to significant investment enabling them to grow exponentially into today’s online/on-premise global operation.