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CIO Annual Review : Best Global Hospitality Technology Solution
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It started with a conversation . . .

And ended with a World-Class Strategic Vision.

The early stage discussion framed a food costing app developed specifically for mobile devices; one dedicated for chefs; to help them identify opportunities to improve profits.

Indeed, this high-level idea was interesting; technology that could reduce a restaurant’s food cost; but the conversation lead to many questions – commerciality, feasibility, viability, investment, competitor base. All the questions a start-up needs to think about at the pre-revenue phase.

We ended, however, seeing a much bigger picture and opportunity. One that had global reach.

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Simple, yet differentiating product background


⸺ Iterative Evolution

As the questions arose, we formulated the solutions, and quite soon we had a workable business model, a product journey mapped, the UI visualised and the revenue channels identified. The business was starting to take form.

⸺ Strategic Direction

Our approach was different in this instance as there were multiple trains of thought to take on; on the Commercial side, what systems and processes are needed? On the product, how do we evolve and expand? What brings the best returns? On the team, who do we need, where, and when? Sales, how do we engage and convert? How do we disrupt in an established market? This was a full business start-up programme.


⸺ Focussed Development

We had many streams of thought but we needed a product first that we could take to market. The initial focus was the back end Web application, and the front end Marketing platform. Two critical elements that needed to exist for this SaaS model to work.

Delivery of Version 1 MVP (2012) was quite basic and was supported by editorial content supplying industry insights and tips directly to Chefs. Here, we had ongoing digital marketing duties, application building as well as business development. This was still just the beginning though.

⸺ Rapid Evolution; Agile Decision-Making

Version 4 was delivered in 2019 and the base platform had growth in every way imaginable. The evolution of the product was aggressive and it was down to the speed and agility of progress that enabled the business to grab market-share to grow. The user base had broadened to be relevant to every business level contained within a Food & Beverage Operation; from independents to groups, local to national, even to multi-national.

The platform today reflects an Enterprise grade Ecosystem, that fully integrates with Suppliers, POS, Accountancy, ERP as well as eCommerce Acquisition Services, via a number of different integration methods.

Kitchen CUT, remains a platform of choice for serious industry operators; from the likes of Hilton, Radisson, GlenEagles, Celtic Manor, BrewDog, Laine and Forest Holidays to name a few.

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