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Evolution not Revolution

Following the original branding exercise in 2017, we circle back to engage in, what is now Maybery’s sixth branding exercise over the course of thirty-six years in practise.

MAYBERY is a boutique advisory services firm, whose purpose it is to ensure that its clients outperform in every material respect.

MAYBERY celebrates the assessment and appointment of their 50th publicly listed company CEO worldwide.

In light of such an achievement we look to reflect on the brand, given the current climate and market volatility, to assess and refine.

Pantone® 7572 C
C22 M57 Y85 K12

Pantone® 432 C
C80 M60 Y49 K50

Pantone® 7499 C
C7 M8 Y37 K0

Pantone® Black C
C0 M0 Y0 K100


⸺ Modern and Minimalist

As with many brand originations, they start overtly complex, embellished; trying to cut-through to convey all aspects of their core in order to be recognised and understood. To convey purpose and meaning.

There is a trend of simplification however. Over time as familiarity builds with a brand people need less information in order to understand it or to recognise it.

⸺ Less noise, more to the point

As with MAYBERY, after thirty-six years, the brand is known, quantified and recognised for all of it's strengths and capabilities.

As such, with this mindset, we set out to simplify, minimise the noise, and be succinct and direct, to reflect the very core being of the MAYBERY persona.


⸺ Refined and defined

Starting with the core identity, we worked with the concept of minimalism, looking to remove noise, be cleaner, stronger, direct.

A balance of form, packed with striking clean cut edges and white space, we generate intrigue to draw in the viewer.

Simple, yet effective, superior and intellectual.

⸺ Consolidate the journey

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment everyday routines.