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Muddle & Mash




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Quality Food Awards : Cold Beverage Mixers


A curious mix of honest ingredients muddled and mashed to create delicious premium cocktail mixers.

The concept of Cocktails, and more importantly Cocktails at Home took over the World in 2016 and we were to soon create the perfect accompaniment for it.

Working with a small team of enthusiastic Cocktail lovers, we were on hand to support this new start-up with a multi-disciplinary offering. Armed with our learnings from ‘Kitchen CUT’, we were able to support across all areas of business which combined to form this award-winning consumer product.

Pantone® 611 C
C20 M13 Y92 K1

Pantone® 228 C
C38 M100 Y26 K24

Pantone® 576 C
C59 M18 Y82 K3

Pantone® 192 C
C0 M98 Y60 K0


⸺ Qualitative Research

In the early days of the concept we needed a clear analysis of the market to review. Not only were there existing big brands on-shelf, but there were many smaller ones entering the market online. The market was expanding with slight nuances differentiating each one, most notably with new healthy options including low calorie, organic ingredients and zero sugar.

⸺ Product Differentiation

Our approach needed to be different. We needed to position carefully and we needed to be more than just ‘average’, playing to the more premium end of the market, reflecting the quality of the product itself.

Product development therefore focussed on producing a ‘Healthy’ mixer that used pure, clean ingredients to make it as natural and low calorie as possible.

Research and analysis was key and the teams engagement with consumers was critical to uncover insights which we could then implement into our execution.


⸺ Premium Style with an Epic Spirit

The result was a collection of sophisticated, premium mixer drinks with a quirk. By targeting different mix types we were able to penetrate new areas of the Cocktail market as a whole.

⸺ Win-Win

The branding, positioning, tone and message was placed into every channel, across every medium; supermarket, airline, as well as World Duty Free.

Muddle & Mash grew exceptionally quickly leading to it’s big No.1 Win at the Quality Food Awards for Cold Beverage Mixers.