Thought by Design

To existing clients we welcome you back and to new we thought we’d share where we have been.

It's been quite the journey!

Rolling back to May 2004 and Thought by Design was officially formed and launched. Created and Directed by Simon Haynes, it would be the first business of many for the aspiring entrepreneur. 2004 was still a time before globalisation of resource, on demand online marketplaces and pay per hour creative services; it was a time where we were lucky to have some great relationships with clients across London, enabling us to work with some amazing global brands, even though we were still only a start-up at the end of the day . . .


Amazing Global Brands

We started our journey predominantly working in Financial Services, delivering Creative Services for teams around the world, but soon enough our drive and expertise opened up new opportunities for us into the world of Luxury Goods, Motorsport, FMCG, B2B Marketing, Consumer PR as well as some of our own initiatives that formed new up and coming brands.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

– Steve Forbes

Working on key strategic as well as more functional tactical campaigns we transformed Corporate Brands,  Product Differentiation & Delineation, Internal Communications, Advertising; offline; as well as building websites from the ground up, custom CRM implementations, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, and last but not least bespoke photography.

The world of design and digital creativity was a very different place then than it is today as so much was focussed around more tactile deliverables. Some would argue we’ve come full circle now in 2022 as those tactile elements now begin to cut through the digital noise. Still it was an exciting time which has enabled some critical learnings as well as experiences. 

The world of technology was very basic in comparison to today’s capabilities, it was hugely expensive, slow to adopt and manage as well as complex to integrated. But with all evolutions, whether it be business, product, brand, message, we all strive toward the same thing, continue to grow, learn and ultimately succeed.  

Digital Creative is a resurgence of the longing interest and passion in changing the commercial landscape, all through the lens of Creativity. Something that has been consistent across all ventures and engagements. 


Detailed, Dedicated, Driven

Creativity is the cornerstone of everything in society today. Everyone now battling to be seen, heard, shared, validated, accepted. A cinical world from one perspective, but a world that is in need of influence. Creativity fuels influence and so the couple that with Logic, meaningful Value as well as Accessibility and you have yourself a winning combination to succeed and grow. 

Need creative experience and expertise?

Drop us a message, we’re here to share our expertise and experience with like minded individuals and companies that have an exciting commercial challenge to solve!