Requirements Analysis

What are the problems we are trying to solve? Who are the people who will benefit from the solution?

Many factors to clearly define and understand. Input from key stakeholders, customers as well as industry experts, recommended.

Planning & Design

What is the solution and how do we get there?

Designing the roadmap of requirements is key to understaning timings and milestones. Understand the deliverables of the minimal viable product and the following sequential deployments.



Development & Testing

Let's build the solution; does it deliver what was intended?

Will clear guides, requirements and designs we can begin the iterative development process. Iteration is key in what leads to perfection.


We’re uniquely skilled in this field having delivered a globally renowned cloud based SaaS application in the Hospitality space.

We follow proven and trusted product development processes to ensure we design, build and deliver digital products, websites and eco-systems in an effective, iterative and integrated way. We build programmes of development, short-term as well as long-term, factoring in broader business considerations such as organisational design, support systems and processes as well as integration and DevOps.

Product Development Process

Our Product Programme –a 12 week iterative process

We work in 12 week cycles but you can expect to leave with an entire library of working materials.

Programme Deliverables: Product Discovery – Strategy – Research & Positioning – Personas and Goals – User Journeys & Workflow Processes – Content Architecture
& Sitemaps – Wireframes & Front End – Integrations – Prototypes – CMS Platforms – eCommerce – CRM – Product Development Programmes & Future Roadmaps

Our primary focus is to translate the product vision and purpose into value, viability, accessibility and usability. All of the elements that combine to deliver growth. Our experience has proven that a well-designed, useable front end, a streamlined user journey, a short time to value and continuous user-testing will all pay dividends ensuring users coming back time and time again.

We work with start-ups and SME’s, small and large international groups, those at pre-revenue or at growth stage. Our knowledge and experience, research and approach forging the path to realising your full product potential.

Our team at Digital Creative, are cross-functional and made up of Product and Branding experts who can act as an extension of your own team, bringing unrivalled design and product expertise to ensure you overcome your current commercial product related challenges.

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Global and Local

We've worked with many partners over the years, some large, some small, some global, some local. One thing that stands out are the experiences that we've shared.